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Q- What is the Insta-Valve?
A- Insta-Valve is a resilient seat wedge valve that uses a bullet stopper to stop the flow of water.  The Insta-Valve is manufactured by Hydra-Stop located in Alsip, IL.

Q- Does the water have to be shut off to install the Insta-Valve?
A- No, the Insta-Valve is installed with the system under pressure.  The valve is installed in the open position.

Q- Does the Insta-Valve meet AWWA specifications?
A- AWWA does not have a specification for insertable valves, so therefore NO insertable valve meets AWWA specs.  However most of the materials in the Insta-Valve meets AWWA Specifications.

Q- What if my project requires an AWWA Spec C-509-1 or C-515 valve?
A- We can line stop to stop the flow of water and you can cut-in a AWWA valve.

Q-  Is the Insta-Valve always my best option for installing a valve?
A- For most applications, the Insta-Valve will meet your needs.  However if the application requires 100% shut-down, such as isolating zones at a booster station, you may want to consider using line stops and cutting in a valve.  NO insertable valve can guarantee 100% shut down, however we can assure you a 95% shut down 100% of the time.

Q- Is the Insta-Valve readily available?
A- Yes, since the Insta-Valve is manufactured and assembled in Alsip, Illinois, we can get valves in a timely manner. 

Q- Do I need much lead time to schedule an installation?
A-  If it is a DI/CI sized pipe, we stock line stop fittings and Insta-Valve 4" through 12".  We are available 24/7.  We can usually be mobilized in 2 hours or less. 

Q- In the event that I have an emergency situation, is there addional charges for overtime or weekend work?
A-  No, we never charge for overtime or weekend work.

Q- What do I need to do to prepare for the installation of an Insta-Valve or line stop?
A- You will need to prepare an OSHA safe excavation.  We prefer to have the work area  24" wide on each side of the pipe, 12" below the pipe and 5'-6' in length.  However, if the situation presents to where this is not possilbe due to existing utilities, etc, we can work in a smaller excavation. 

Q- Do insertable valves replace the need for line stopping? 
A-  Absolutely not.  Insertable valves will not replace line stopping entirely.  If you have a water main break and need to isolate the area without disrupting service, it usually is more cost effective to do line stops in lieu of insertable valves.  It is redundant to install insertable valves on each side of a leak to isolate for repair only.
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